10 short points about horses: 

 Horses are Herbivores: Horses are strict herbivores, primarily consuming grass, hay, and grains. .

Distinctive Hooves: Horses have one solid hoof on each leg, which is actually a single toe that evolved over time.

 Horses Sleep Standing Up: Horses have a unique ability to lock their knees and sleep while standing to stay alert and flee from predators if needed.

Speedy Creatures: Horses are known for their speed; some can gallop at over 40 miles per hour.

 Variety of Breeds: There are over 300 different horse breeds, each with its own characteristics and abilities.

 Strong Social Bonds: Horses are social animals that form strong bonds with other horses. They often live in groups called herds.

. Longevity: The average lifespan of a horse is around 25 to 30 years, although some can live much longer.

Communication Through Ears: Horses communicate a lot through their ears. They can express their emotions and alertness by the direction and movement of their ears.

 Teeth Growth: Horses have continually growing teeth that require regular dental care to prevent dental issues.

 Horses Have Excellent Memories: Horses are known for their exceptional memory. They can remember past experiences and learn from them, which makes them trainable and reliable companions.