7 Best Jing Yuan Light Cone In Honkai: Star Rail


The best Honkai Light Cones from Jing Yuan are: Star Rail includes those that just give bonuses to ATK and DMG, not just to the damage of the next attack.

In Honkai: Star Rail, Jing Yuan’s gameplay is mostly about his Lightning Lord, which, like many other skills in the game, is a follow-up move. But choosing the best Light Cone for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail may be hard because there aren’t many that make follow-up strikes stronger.

Lucky for Jing Yuan, he gets more than just a damage bonus from his next move. For example, there is an Erudition sword that boosts all DMG, and there are others that just boost ATK. To sum up, here are the best Light Cones in Honkai for Jing Yuan: Rail Star.

Make The World Clamor

The wearer gets 20 Energy back as soon as they go into battle, and Ultimate DMG goes up by 32%.

Make the World Clamour isn’t Jing Yuan’s best weapon, but it’s good for players who just want to hang out in the open world and farm Calyxes, since it lets him regain Energy at the start of a fight. Players shouldn’t use this tool for Jing Yuan over the long term, though, because he doesn’t use his Ultimate very often.


S5 Passive
Increases ATK by 48% for 2 turns when the user uses their Ultimate.

Even though Sagacity is a 3-star weapon in Honkai: Star Rail, it can be better for Jing Yuan than Make the World Clamour because the 48% ATK boost lasts for a good number of turns, which also helps Lightning Lord, Jing Yuan’s main attack. Players should finally replace it with a 4-star weapon, especially when their Superimpose level is high.

The Seriousness Of Breakfast

S2 Passive
The wearer’s DMG goes up by 15%. The wearer’s ATK goes up by 5% for every enemy they beat, up to three times.

The Seriousness of Breakfast is a free-to-play weapon. Players can get one from the main quest, by opening the triple authentication door in Honkai: Star Rail, or by buying one from the Forgotten Hall shop.

Players can easily get two of these Light Cones, so it’s likely that some people already have a Superimpose level two of this item. The Seriousness of Breakfast is great for Jing Yuan because it increases DMG for everyone. The ATK buff is more situational, but since it doesn’t last for a set number of turns, players can also get a lot out of it, especially against bosses that keep sending out troops.

The Birth Of The Self

24% more damage is done by the wearer’s next move. If the enemy you’re attacking has less than 50% of its Max HP left, your next hits do 24% more damage.

Jing Yuan’s Erudition ability is based on follow-up moves, just like Herta’s, who is on the cover of the Light Cone. The Birth of the Self is a great 4-star tool for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail because of this. At first, it increases follow-up DMG by 24%. When the enemy’s HP goes below 50%, it doubles to a huge 48%.

Today Is Another Peaceful Day

When the user goes into battle, this item increases their DMG based on their Max Energy. Up to 160 Energy, each point of Energy adds 0.2% to DMG.

The Honkai: Star Rail Battle Pass lets you get a Light Cone called “Today is Another Peaceful Day.” If your Ultimate has 130 Energy, it will give you a 26% DMG bonus for everyone. Even though it seems lower than Herta’s The Birth of the Self, adding 26% damage to every hit is better than adding 48% damage to Lightning Lord’s hit only. But if players get the Blessing in the Simulated Universe that makes all Ultimate DMG into a follow-up move, then The Birth of the Self may be better.

Night On The Milky Way

The wearer’s ATK goes up by 9% for every enemy on the field, up to 5 stacks. When Weakness Break is used on an enemy, the damage they take goes up by 30% for one turn.

Night of the Milky Way’s passive may not seem as good as the 4-star choices, and how well it works depends a lot on whether or not the passive is active. Here is a quick overview that Drift Boss players can look over:

  • If there’s only one enemy : Doesn’t do as well as Today is Another Peaceful Day and The Birth of the Self.
  • If there is only one enemy and the 30% DMG bonus is active : Does a better job than either of the two 4-star Light Cones.
  • If there are three enemies : This works better than The Birth of the Self but worse than Today is Another Peaceful Day.
  • Almost as good as Before Dawn if there are three baddies and the 30% DMG bonus is on.

Players should know when to use Night on the Milky Way for Jing Yuan and when to switch it out because of how well it works.

Before Dawn

The wearer’s CRIT DMG goes up by 32%. The user gains 20% more Skill and 20% more Ultimate DMG. Somnus Corpus is given to the user after they use their Skill or Ultimate. Somnus Corpus will be used up when a follow-up attack is triggered, and the damage of the follow-up attack will go up by 48%.

Before Dawn is a great tool for both Jing Yuan and other Erudition characters. Even though not everyone can use its follow-up attack boost, it still boosts Crit DMG by a huge 32% and improves Skill and Ultimate DMG by 20%. Jing Yuan will also get the big 48% DMG bonus for his Lightning Lord, which will let him do much more damage than the other Light Cone choices.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for Android, iOS, and PC. A version for the PlayStation is in the works.

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