How to Draw Lips Easily

Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips. The first phase in understanding how to seduce a human face is to learn how to draw each facial feature.

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In this Guide, you will apprehend how to draw lips, an essential part of the human face. You can apply these steps if you want to draw a realistic, animated, cartoon-like, or caricatured human face.

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to drawing lips, summarized in 9 easy-to-follow steps. Illustrations are included with each Guide to make the process easier for you.

You may be surprised that drawing lips is not as difficult as you think!

How to Draw Lips

Step 1

Start at the left side of the center of the paper and draw a line going up. Once the line is about 1 inch long, gradually extend a short line down.

This creates the left side of the upper lip. If drawn correctly, the shape of the line should resemble a slope.

Note that the line should be drawn with a light stroke to avoid a hard or thick line. This helps the lips look more natural.

Step 2

Repeat the earlier effort on the opposing side to create the right side of the upper lip. By this time, the outline of the upper lip should be complete.

Remember that the two lines we drew earlier and the one we drew in this step should join and form the upper lip.

Scientifically, we draw the vermilion border of the upper lip on each side of Cupid’s bow.

Step 3

Now that we’ve completed the upper lip outline let’s move on to the lower lip.

Starting at the left edge of the upper lip, draw a downward curved line until you line up with Cupid’s bow on the upper lip.

Remember, the further down you go when drawing your bottom lip, the fuller your lips will appear. The line should only be slightly curved if you want to draw thin lips.

However, draw a curved line going down if you want fuller lips like in the picture.

Step 4

When you are comfortable with the condition of the lips, extend the line we drew earlier until it reaches the upper lip’s right border.

After completing this step, the lips’ outline should now be complete.

Step 5

Draw a line inside the lips following the outline of the upper lip. As a result, the tubercles of the upper lip are formed.

Step 6

Draw a curved line starting from the lower left side of the upper lip.

Step 7

Increase the length of the line we drew in the previous step until it reaches the opposite end of the upper lip and forms the tubercles on the lower lip.

This also creates a separation between the upper lip and lower lip.

Step 8

Draw a slightly curved horizontal line inside the outline we drew in the previous step.

This creates the teeth in the mouth.

Step 9

The surface of a human’s lips has a distinct texture. So be sure to draw lines across it. These lines are essential if you want to draw a realistic-looking human face.

Continue drawing more curved lines in some places along the edge of the lips. Typically, these lines are located on the edge of the lateral tubercles of the upper and lower lips.

When drawing these lines, avoid applying too much pressure with the pencil. It is essential to draw light strokes so that the lines look more natural and realistic.

Now that we’ve successfully drawn the lips, it’s finally time for the funniest part: picking the colors and colouring them.

Your Lips Drawing is Finished!

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