10 Best Pets In Sun Haven


In Sun Haven, which pet should you get?

Sun Haven is a great little farming and life simulation game where you can live in a magical land full of cute and interesting critters. As you try to become the best fantasy farmer, there are lots of things to do, jobs to finish, and goodies to collect.

Pets are among the cute people who live in these lands, and you can bring them to your farm. They can just live on your land and make it look cute, or they can go with you on trips. Check out some of the best pets you can get in Sun Haven.


Most of the time, seeing ice cream on the ground makes people feel sad, but Sprinkles is anything but that. Sprinkles come in many flavours and are happy to slide around your farm or go with you as you discover Sun Haven, Withergate or Nel’Vari. The cute intelligent being always has a smile on its tiny face and uses a cone to protect itself from the weather.


Bloom is a cute fairy you can get in the Spring shop for holiday tokens. She has fluffy wings and cute pink flowers growing out of her ears, which makes her the perfect flower friend.

If you have the right exploring skills, you can even give her a leash so she can help you gain experience as you move from one area to another. If you give Blossom 300 spring tokens during the Spring, you can adopt your own Bloom.


You can’t go wrong with Shortcake if you’re looking for the best summer friend. Even the name is very cute, but seeing the unique whale makes it even better.

The little stem and pink spots on the shortcake make it look like a fresh strawberry. Set it down near some strawberry trees to make your own strawberry shortcake on the farm. This whale is fine on land, and you can buy it for just 300 summer tickets.


He might not be The Rock, but he is your special little rock. Pebbles came to life when a piece of Krusty, a big elemental creature, broke off and fell to the ground. If you can beat Krusty, he will be happy to go on his way and leave Pebbles behind.

Pebbles may look mossy and rough on the outside, but he’s a friendly little friend who’s happy to hang out on your fields.


Many games tell you to look at the sky and clouds, but Happy Wheels gives you your very own cloud friend that you can take with you. The wonders of gale essence started to make a conscious being, which grew into the lovely Nimbus.

Nimbus is always blushing and holding its own stars, and you can have your own happy little cloud that would make Bob Ross smile. Nimbus is in the pet shop in Withergate, where you can adopt it for 400 tickets.


Weedy always looks like it wants to do something bad, but don’t worry. There’s nothing fishy about this! If you beat the boss of the Spring element, Weedil, by jumping rope at the highest level, you get the tiny weed sprout monster.

Weedy won’t cause a lot of dandelions to grow on your farm because its own dandelion will only drop a few seeds that will make your dirt more fertile. Also, it thinks you’re a lot of fun, which is always a treat.


This little squid will stick to you in more than one way right away. Once you beat the big white squid Herman near the docks, you can get the always cute Hermy. It’s not clear if Hermy wants to eat you or not, but it’s mostly a safe pet that adds variety to your farm.

You can’t help but be charmed by the bouncy little guy, but it’s worth going through the fight just so you can sing “Didn’t I do it for youuuu, Hermy!”

Baby Stump

Baby Stumps are truly barn animals, but you can easily keep them as pets because they do well both inside and outside. It’s already cute to have your own baby tree, but the Baby Stump is even better because it gives you logs every day.

If the Baby Stump is cared for and loved enough, it will finally make golden logs. Is it really going to the toilet on you? No matter what, it was well worth it!

Lantern Spirit

The Lantern Spirit is a cool little dragon that can only be bought at the Lantern Festival. It costs 2,500 gold. It moves like a wave, which is soothing to watch, and who doesn’t like little dragons?

The situation is even better because the Lantern Spirit “likes to take care of plants.” So, if you put it near your crops on your farm, it might water your plants overnight.


The big, fuzzy, and very huggable Snaccoons are mostly just huge roadblocks that stop you from going to other places unless you give them what they want. If you feed enough Snaccoons and have the Friend of the Forest skill, they will eventually think of you as a friend and send one Snaccoon to live on your farm.

The farm Snaccoon doesn’t change colours with the seasons like other animals of its kind, but it’s always nice to see the big, friendly guy lounging around your farm. If you feed it pets and other animals, it will always give you berries. If you’ve already made friends with the Griffon that needs berries to move, this can be very helpful.

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