6 Biggest Vampire Survivors Mobile vs. PC Differences


Here are the main changes between the two versions of Vampire Survivors!

Are you a fan of the captivating game, Vampire Survivors? If so, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of this BAFTA-winning title.

Whether you’re a PC gamer or prefer the convenience of mobile gaming, Vampire Survivors has now made its way to your fingertips.

In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between the mobile and PC versions of the game, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what sets them apart. So buckle up, fellow gamers, as we embark on this thrilling journey!



Prepare yourself for a riveting revelation, dear reader, as we unravel the perplexing enigma that lies within the realm of Vampire Survivors

Behold, the palpable transformation that seizes your attention, drawing you into a captivating juxtaposition between the mobile and PC domains.

A striking metamorphosis materializes, casting its spell upon the conspicuous variable: the price. Observe how it shapeshifts with resolute intent, demanding your contemplation.

Within the ethereal confines of the PC realm, the price descends to a realm of minimalism, where one must first procure the game itself, only to be compelled to seek further enrichment through the acquisition of downloadable content (DLC), should one desire it.

A transactional dance of duality, beckoning you to embark upon a monetary quest of magnanimous proportions.

Yet, the whims of the mobile realm unfurl a tale of liberation. Here, the game, in all its splendor, emerges from the depths of the digital abyss, completely unshackled from the burdensome chains of financial obligations. 

Free it is, a tantalizing feast for the senses, with naught but a humble presence of built-in advertisements that gracefully coexist, refusing to impede your immersive odyssey.

The sagacious minds behind this virtuosic creation, Poncle, confronted an arduous quandary when endeavoring to transpose their opus upon the PC canvas.

Alas, their noble intentions were thwarted, for the art of interweaving advertisements into the tapestry of the PC version proved to be an elusive endeavor. A testament to the immense challenge that besets the creators, who valiantly strive to reconcile artistry with the shackles of financial reality.

Ah, but fret not, dear seeker of enlightenment! Amidst this labyrinthine maze of fiscal complexities, a gleaming beacon of clarity illuminates our path. 

Within the mobile realm, a lone bastion of monetary imposition prevails—the fabled downloadable content (DLC). Behold, as it stands resolute, mirroring its PC counterpart in cost, a symbiotic manifestation of equilibrium.

Should you seek to delve deeper into this captivating enigma, I implore you to embark upon a journey of discovery. 

Traverse the digital expanse to partake in the enigmatic realm of Vampire Survivors, where price and platform converge, transcending boundaries of convention. Be it the tantalizing allure of PC or the untethered liberation of mobile, the choice, dear reader, is yours to make.

Ad Integration

Ads are an integral part of the mobile gaming landscape, especially for free-to-play games like Vampire Survivors. Poncle has masterfully integrated ads into the mobile version, ensuring they neither disrupt your gaming flow nor hinder your progress.

In fact, these strategically placed ads can work to your advantage. For instance, if you perish before the designated 30-minute mark, watching an ad grants you a second chance with half of your health restored. 

Additionally, after completing a round, you have the option to watch an ad in exchange for a chance to obtain more gold.

These subtle yet impactful changes demonstrate Poncle’s astute handling of ads, providing players with the freedom to choose their level of engagement while capitalizing on these ad opportunities. 

The thoughtfulness behind incorporating ads without compromising the overall experience is so remarkable that PC gamers may find themselves wishing for similar options.

Control Schemes

Although the fundamental gameplay mechanics remain consistent across both versions of Vampire Survivors, nuances in control schemes differentiate the mobile and PC experiences. 

On PC, players have the flexibility to switch between keyboard and controller inputs, and with proper setup, even employ a real joystick for an immersive gaming encounter. Conversely, mobile gaming limits you to touchscreen controls.

The touch-based controls on mobile devices present some unique challenges. Quick turns and immediate responses can be more difficult to execute, and any obstructions on your screen may momentarily disrupt the touch settings.

Furthermore, since the game is optimized for tablets, accessing the game’s secret codes, a feature exclusive to the PC version, is not possible on mobile. These disparities bestow the PC version with superior control options and customization capabilities.

Stage Maps

A well-structured map can significantly aid players in locating hidden treasures within each stage. Here, we encounter a notable discrepancy between the two versions of Vampire Survivors. 

While the PC version provides a comprehensive map indicating not only the presence of treasures but also their exact locations, the mobile counterpart leaves players to their own devices.

In the mobile version, you can pause the game but won’t find a map on the stop screen, necessitating a reliance on your memory to determine your current location. 

Unless you level up, which offers limited guidance, your best bet for finding items lies in remembering their previous locations. This divergence in providing navigational aids further accentuates the unique challenges faced by mobile players.

The Bestiary

The bestiary feature in Vampire Survivors for PC proves to be a captivating element. It allows players to keep track of encountered enemies, offering detailed statistics for each adversary. 

This comprehensive overview, accessible from the starting screen, provides valuable insights into your progress.

However, it appears that the mobile version lacks this intricate bestiary.

While the mobile iteration still allows you to view your awards within the “collection” tab, it does not provide a breakdown of the number of enemies defeated.

The absence of such detailed information diminishes the analytical aspect for mobile players, leaving them without a comprehensive overview of their in-game achievements.

Modding The Game

One significant advantage exclusive to the PC version is the ability to modify the game. Modding allows players to inject fresh content and transform the game’s aesthetics. Whether you’re a fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures or crave the ambiance of Castlevania, there are mods available for Vampire Survivors that cater to diverse preferences.

Mods serve various purposes, ranging from enhancing the quality of life by enabling bulk purchases to optimizing overall game performance. 

These modifications offer a versatile means of personalizing your gaming experience. Additionally, they can prove invaluable when conquering challenging sections or defeating formidable foes such as Boss Rash, granting you access to coveted achievements.

Unfortunately, mobile platforms lack the capability for game modification. Even with the purchase of DLC, mobile players must accept the content provided by Poncle, as customization beyond that is beyond reach.


Vampire Survivors has successfully captured the attention of gamers worldwide, emerging as a renowned title with a vast fan base.

 As we’ve explored, the mobile and PC versions possess distinctive features that set them apart. While the price differential and ad integration favor the mobile iteration, the PC version offers superior control schemes, detailed stage maps, an elaborate bestiary, and the enticing prospect of game modification.

Ultimately, the choice between Vampire Survivors Mobile and PC rests on your preferences and priorities. 

Both platforms offer an engaging experience, and regardless of your chosen avenue, immersing yourself in the captivating world of Vampire Survivors is guaranteed to provide hours of thrilling gameplay. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your device of choice, embark on this vampire-infested journey, and let the immersive world of Vampire Survivors enthrall you!

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