Deep Rock Galactic: 15 Tips, Tricks, And Secrets


Deep Rock Galactic has lots of hidden secrets and fun tricks that first-time players might not notice.

The main idea of Deep Rock Galactic may seem easy at first, but there are a lot of hidden details and funny quirks that will keep you from getting bored.

Most dwarfs stick to their jobs and drinks and don’t go anywhere else. But you should know about some cosmetic secrets, hidden paths, and helpful tips that will make mining ore more fun and faster. Deep Rock Galactic came out in 2020, so it’s likely that more things will be added to it so that it never ends.

Make Questionable Grunts In The Space Rig


You can grunt and burp in the Space Rig, your home base where you choose tasks.When you press X, your dwarf starts to make these weird noises. You might be waiting for a teammate to hurry up at the store so you can start the task, or someone might be AFK (away from keyboard). No matter what, try clearing your throat and making loud noises to get their attention.

Get Downed In The Space Rig

Yes, you can actually die in the Space Rig. Your teammate will have to bring you back to life, just like when you were in the caves on a task. If this happens when you’re by yourself, you’ll just have to restart on your own.

A really heavy craft beer is what makes you pass out in the Space Rig. In particular, the Blackout Stout. This beer stays true to itself and will knock you out soon after you drink it. At the Abyss Bar in the Space Rig, you can use Lloyd to make drinks.

License Cost To Make Blackout Stout In Deep Rock Galactic

Blue rank five
250 credits
4 Yeast Cones
4 Malt Stars
12 Starch Nuts

After you buy the licence, it will only cost you three Starch Nut to make this beer each time.

Control Gravity In The Space Rig

All of the players can get rid of gravity by using a special control panel inside the Space Rig. This is at the back of the Space Rig, above the Forge and Deep Dive stations. At the back, you can turn left and use a small lift pad to get to the second floor.

You can get to this area from other ways up, like by taking the lift near the Equipment exit. A big control box with the words “Danger, Gravity Recalibration” will be in this area. Interact with it to see what happens.

Call For Help During A Mission

So you now know how to make grunts, guffaws, and burps in the Space Rig. With this same button, X, you can call for help from other players while on a task. It’s best to spam this button when you’re down, being taken away, or being held by a cave leech. It causes your dwarf to say things like “Hey, help me!”

When you’re not using live chat or text chat, this button is very important. It’s fast and simple. If you use it while you’re not downed, it will just call your other players or Bosco to come to you. This could also help you get away. Call out to people who are lost trying to find the drop pod.

Create Waypoints On The Map

This is a feature that many players use by mistake or don’t even know about. Every map and region in Deep Rock Galactic is made by a set of rules. Every task is different. Because of this, you always have to use your brain and figure out puzzles to get through these caves easily. You need to figure out how to get to certain places and where to find special ores.

By making a waypoint, you can mark these important places and ores and come back to them later. To bring up your Laser Pointer and make a waypoint, hold down CTRL. When you point the Laser Pointer at ore or bugs, it tells you what their real names are. If you press left-click, it can also send a ping to other people. Press E while the Laser Pointer is out to leave a waypoint.

By doing this, you can see the waypoint on the map whenever you press CTRL or look at your Terrain Scanner. Only you can see your waypoint. No one else can.

Completing Machine Events During Missions

In these alien caves, you might have found strange machines while you were on tasks. You might not have been able to talk to them. A machine event happens when you find random machines like this and strange ore that you can’t mine in holes.

Machine events are special side jobs that give players cosmetics and gear of the next level.Machine events can only be changed if your dwarf is promoted. A promoted dwarf is like status. Once you’ve reached the maximum level for a dwarf, you can’t go any further with them until you reset their starting level and promote them. This lets you keep levelling up that dwarf and gives you a nice star above your picture border in Deep Rock Galactic game.

How To Promote Your Dwarf In Deep Rock Galactic:

  1. Get to red class level 25.
  2. Start and finish tasks for promotion
  3. Get a flyer from the Memorial Hall.

When you level up your dwarf, among other things, you get a Tritilyte Key as a prize. The Tritilyte Key is a tool that can be used more than once and turns on machine events. When players finish a machine event, they can use a Matrix core to get a special weapon and cosmetic items for dwarfs. Even if you don’t put in a core, you still get experience and points for finishing the event.

Let Frozen Bugs Kill Themselves

The Scout and the Driller are both good at freezing enemies. The Driller starts out with a flamethrower, but it can be upgraded to a cryo gun, which is the exact opposite. The cryo gun shoots out piercingly cold frost that freezes both enemies and allies. The Scout starts with a regular grenade, but you can change to a cryo grenade at the Equipment terminal.

When you freeze an enemy, they can’t hurt you and you can all take a breath and kill them right away before they can do anything. The special thing about this strategy is that if an enemy is flying and freezes in the air, they die right away.If an enemy is already frozen, you don’t have to shoot at it. When they fall, they break like glass.

Keep Your Empty Mug For A Secret Achievement

You can get a secret award in the Space Rig. Many, in fact. One of them has to do with a mug of beer and a minigame with a barrel. You can get points in a minigame to the right of the Abyss Bar by kicking a barrel into a ring of fire. You get a cool award if you throw your empty beer mug into the ring instead.

Become Eggman Or Rob Swanson

Many of the cosmetics in Deep Rock Galactic are nods to other famous media and pop culture. If you carefully read the account of hairstyles and moustaches, you might recognise some of them.

There’s a big, long moustache like the one in the picture above, with the words “For some reason, you want to think up maniacal machines and colourful contraptions.” This is a clear reference to Eggman, the bad guy from the Sonic the Hedgehog games.

You can find other references, like The Swanson, which is the name of a moustache. Its description says, “A classic display of subtle, raw power.” This is a nod to Rob Swanson, a popular character from the comedy show Parks and Recreation.

Enter A Forbidden Area In The Space Rig

If you really start to look around the Space Rig, it can feel like a puzzle. You can find a lot of tunnels, lifts, and halls. But there’s one place where Mission Control will tell you to stop right away. When you go into a certain area, Mission Control tells you that you are trespassing and that you need to turn around right away. One might wonder, What could be here?

This conversation with Mission Control starts when you are right above the drop pod. If you take the lift to the left of the Deep Dives terminal, instead of going forward, turn right. From here, you can get to two exits. The Memorial Hall is one, and Top Hanger is the other. If you go into the left door that says “Top Hanger,” you’ll find another lift that will take you to the top of the Space Rig and drop pod.

Even though you’re asked to leave, there’s nothing here right now. When Mission Control tells you that you can’t go back, players quickly wonder if something special will be added to that place in the future. It’s something to keep an eye out for

Tricks For Taking No Fall Damage

Gravity, not bugs, is one of the things that kills people most often in Deep Rock Galactic. 8 Ball Pool game is very vertical, especially when you find huge tunnels, and it’s easy to fall to your death if you’re not careful. But there are ways to make the fall a little less hard.

For example, if you jump on top of a dwarf who is either living or downed, your fall will be less painful. The same is true for big enemies; you’ll just roll off of them and slow down, no matter how fast you were falling. People have also found that standing on top of an item that is affected by gravity, like a Lost Pack, can also stop any damage from falling. So, if you’re stuck high up or suddenly falling fast, try to find one of these things to aim for because it could save your short legs.

Frozen Enemies Don’t Have Death Effects

Like how enemies that are in the air fall when iced, enemies that do bad things when they die can be avoided by putting them on ice. This is very helpful when there are a lot of big exploding bugs in a swarm or when you’re stuck in a tunnel and can’t get out of an area of effect bug goop.

As an example, if you freeze Praetorians and then break them, they won’t leak poisonous gas, and Detonators won’t blow up all over your team. So it’s always a good idea to bring some Cryo gear with you, since it could save your life if you get trapped by big bugs. But this freezing effect also works on the Gliphid Crassus Detonator, so be careful with your cryo shots if you don’t want to miss out on extra gold.

Satchel Charges Don’t Perma-Kill

If gravity and bugs don’t kill you, friendly fire is the only other thing that could end a good run. This happens a lot in Deep Rock Galactic. When there are a lot of bugs, it’s easy to get too excited or scared. Satchel Charges are useful for getting rid of big groups of bugs, but they hurt partners a lot.

But you can use this to your benefit, since a Satchel Charge can knock down but not kill friendly players for good. So, for example, have someone take the full force of a bug charge. After they take some damage and fall, just cover them with charges and bring them back from under the huge pile of dead space insects. It’s an easy trick that, in the right situation, can save a run that looks like it’s going to fail.

The Zipline Speed Cancel

In Deep Rock Galactic, ziplines are both your way to get around and your best way to get away. When fired from the Gunner’s Zipline Launcher, these strong ropes can take you quickly and easily over deep chasms and up rocky cliff faces. You can never have too many Ziplines.

But if you’re flying down a queue or using a speed boost and you see something bad at the end of the queue, you can quickly stop your motion with a simple trick to avoid danger. To do this, let go of the queue and quickly press the grab button again to get back on. This will set your speed back to 0 and is a great way to stop or switch to another Zipline.

Put Proximity Mines Anywhere But The Floor

Engineers can get Proximity Mines, which are fun to use and great for setting traps for big groups of enemies. However, please, on behalf of every mining group, don’t put them on the floor. Please don’t go there. Anywhere else will do.

They don’t work like normal mines, which go off when someone steps on them. Instead, they have a large tracking range that makes them go off when something comes close. Unfortunately, they also do a lot of damage to themselves. Put them on the walls or ceilings, away from people’s feet, so they can catch bugs that are trying to sneak around the edges.

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