Lyrics to “Tin Man” by way of Miranda Lambert: A Song About the Pain of Love


The track “Tin Man” by way of Miranda Lambert is a effective ballad about the pain of affection. The track is instructed from the attitude of a woman who has currently been through a heartbreak.

She compares herself to the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, who longs for a coronary heart to sense emotions. The woman inside the track is in addition yearning for a coronary heart, but she knows that love also can be a source of ache.

Additional Information:

  • The song “Tin Man” turned into released in 2016 as part of Miranda Lambert’s album The Weight of These Wings.
  • The music become written by means of Miranda Lambert, Natalie Hemby, and Shane McAnally.
  • The tune has been praised by critics for its effective lyrics and Lambert’s emotional overall performance.
  • The music has been blanketed by way of several artists, inclusive of Alison Krauss and Kelly Clarkson.

Verse 1:

The track starts offevolved with the girl describing herself as a “Tin Man” who has been “stripped of all my feelings.” She sings approximately how she was once “full of lifestyles” and “full of love,” however now she feels “empty” and “cold.”


In the refrain, the lady sings about how she would trade her heart for the Tin Man’s metallic frame. She sings, “I’d provide you with my heart if you’d deliver me your armor.” The girl is aware of that the Tin Man’s steel frame would shield her from ache, however she additionally knows that she could lose the ability to feel emotions.

Verse 2:

The second verse of the track describes the girl’s enjoy of heartbreak. She sings approximately how she changed into “left for lifeless” by way of the man she cherished. She additionally sings approximately how she is “nonetheless selecting up the pieces” of her heart.


The refrain is repeated inside the 2nd verse, with the girl again expressing her desire to exchange her coronary heart for the Tin Man’s steel body.


The bridge of the music is a second of mirrored image for the female. She sings approximately how she knows that love may be each “stunning” and “painful.” She additionally sings about how she is “nevertheless gaining knowledge of” about love.


The refrain is repeated for the 1/3 and very last time, with the woman once more expressing her desire to alternate her heart for the Tin Man’s metal frame.


The song “Tin Man” is a powerful ballad approximately the pain of love. The song is honest and raw, and it captures the complicated feelings that can be associated with heartbreak. The track is a reminder that love can be each stunning and painful, and that it’s far essential to analyze from our reports.

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