Top Options for Forklift & Telehandler in India

Top Options for Forklift & Telehandler in India

Every construction project owner deserves heavy equipment that meets the required work environment and has a powerful build to endure challenging climates and working conditions.

Moreover, the selection of the equipment should be made by a reputed manufacturer. Doing this will not just help you focus on future standardisation but will also help you in finding the required spare parts.

So, to save you some time, we are bringing some class-leading choices of forklifts and telehandlers from powerful brands like OM Voltas and JCB.

1. OM Voltas XE 35

OM Voltas XE 35 is a widely popular forklift truck, having a powerful lifting load capacity of 3500 Kg. Moreover, it has a powerful lift height of 4500 metres, which allows it to operate flexibly in different warehouse facilities.

Also, it has a long length to the face of forks of 2215 mm, which can easily accommodate various goods. Operators with a turning radius of 2300 mm can operate this truck even in compact and tight spaces.

This forklift truck is available for Rs. 13 – 15 Lakh in India. This one has a decent ground clearance, which makes this truck a suitable choice for daily loading, carrying and unloading tasks around the warehouse.

2. JCB LOADALL 53-110

JCB LOADALL 53-110 is a highly popular Telehandler in India with a maximum load capacity of 3000 Kg. Moreover, this machine offers a good maximum lift height of up to 12 Meters. This machine boasts a very best-in-technology hydraulic system, which makes it suitable for lifting heavy objects and loads across construction and mining sites.

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