5 The Best Natasha Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail


Natasha is often looked over, but when she has the right light cones, she is a great healer.

Natasha is a 4-star Abundance character who does a great job of helping her team members heal. Even though Natasha is often compared to Bailu, the 5-star healer in Honkai: Star Rail, players who already have Bailu shouldn’t overlook what she can do. In fact, Natasha can be more useful than Bailu in some situations. This is especially true when enemies put debuffs on team members, which Bailu can’t remove.

Also, because there aren’t many Abundance characters in Honkai: Star Rail, players are highly encouraged to use Natasha, especially when playing defensively, like in the Forgotten Hall, where keeping characters from getting knocked down is important for getting more stars. Since Bailu and Natasha are both affected by HP and need similar builds, players can switch out their light cones and relics based on the material that works best for either of them.


  • Base ATK (LVL 80): 264
  • Base DEF (LVL 80): 264
  • Base HP (LVL 80): 952
  • Effect : When the user uses their Skill or Ultimate, the amount of healing they send out goes up by 12%/15%/18%/21%/24%.

Cornucopia is a 3-star light cone that is free-to-play friendly and does a great job of helping characters heal. Even though it’s not very rare, it does a great job of healing thanks to its Outgoing Healing buff, which can be activated by either a skill or an ultimate. Natasha has both of these ways to heal her team or a specific ally, so she can always take advantage of the better healing rates, especially when Cornucopia is fully stacked. Due to how rare Cornucopia is, getting max superimpose with it isn’t too hard. This makes it an easy and effective choice for Natasha.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights

  • Base ATK (LVL 80): 370
  • Base DEF (LVL 80): 396
  • Base HP (LVL 80): 1058
  • Effect : Gives the user 16/20/24/28/32% more Max HP. When you use Basic ATK or Skill, you recover all allies’ HP by 2%, 2.5%, 3.5%, or 4% of their Max HP.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights is a great light cone for Natasha because she gets stronger as her HP goes up. Also, it lets her heal while using her Basic Attack, which she wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. But its biggest flaw is that you can’t get it until you hit level 30 in Nameless Honour and pay real-world money for Nameless Glory. Even though it works well on its own, it may not be the best choice in general. This is because there aren’t many Abundance characters in Tunnel Rush game, and its only benefit goes to those whose HP goes up. This makes it less future-proof for Abundance characters like Luocha who are coming in the future. So, players can think about other options, such as Quid Pro Quo or any of the other choices on this list.

Shared Feeling

  • Base ATK (LVL 80): 370
  • Base DEF (LVL 80): 396
  • Base HP (LVL 80): 1058
  • Effect : The wearer’s Outgoing Healing is increased by 10%, 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, or 20%. Refills 2/3/3/4/4 Energy for all friends when a skill is used.

Shared Feeling is similar to Cornucopia in that it also gives an Outgoing Healing buff, but at slightly lower rates and without any conditions. Natasha also gets a benefit from this light cone because it helps her make energy, which makes her a better healer. With Shared Feeling, Natasha can not only keep her friends’ HP at high levels, but she can also help them get to their Ultimate skills faster, which can be very helpful in certain situations. Even though Natasha’s skill has a single target, all of her friends still get the energy regeneration.

Post-Op Conversation

  • Base ATK (LVL 80): 423
  • Base DEF (LVL 80): 330
  • Base HP (LVL 80): 1058
  • Effect : Increases the wearer’s energy regeneration rate by 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, or 16%, and when they use their Ultimate, increases healing done by 12%, 15%, 18%, 21%, or 24%.

Post-Op Conversation is a great choice when the enemy is doing a lot of AoE damage to your friends and you need to keep doing AoE healing. Since Natasha’s Ultimate is her only ability that heals a large area, this small cone lets her use it more often, which can be a game-changer in some fights. Also, it makes her less reliant on her Skill, so she can save it for teams where skill points are in high demand. In situations like these, this light cone is especially helpful.

Time Waits For No One

  • Base ATK (LVL 80): 476
  • Base DEF (LVL 80): 463
  • Base HP (LVL 80): 1270
  • Effect : Gives the user 12%/15%/18%/21%/24% more max health and 12%/15%/18%/21%/24% more healing. When the wearer heals friends, keep track of how much healing is going out. When an ally attacks, a random enemy hit by the attack takes extra damage equal to 50%/62.5%/75%/82.5%/95% of the Outgoing Healing number. This extra DMG is the same Type as the wearer’s, can only happen once per turn, and is not affected by other buffs.

Time Waits for No One, which is Bailu’s 5-star light cone, is also a great choice for Natasha. She can get a lot out of all the effects it has, and the fact that it is rare makes its high HP stat even better. Natasha can heal to the best of her ability because both her maximum health and the healing effects she sends out are higher. The extra effect also helps Natasha do more damage, so her DPS goes up. Even though this isn’t the most useful result of the light cone, it can help in situations where it’s important to kill the enemy in as few turns as possible while keeping your health up.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for Android, iOS, and PC. A version for the PlayStation is in the works.

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