8 Best Ways To Get Resources In Assassin’s Creed: Origins


To get better tools and gear, you need to find resources and materials. These are the best ways to find these things.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is a huge open-world RPG with lots of quests, resources, and loot. It takes players to Ancient Egypt, where they can visit the Pyramids of Giza, Alexandria, and Memphis, which was the capital of Egypt when it was at its most powerful. History lovers’ dreams have come true.

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the main character, Bayek, has to gather as many resources and Drachmas as possible to get the best guns and gear so he can live in the beautiful but dangerous desert. This list will show players the best ways to find and earn resources for Bayek so that he never runs out of anything on his quest for revenge.

Explore The Map


Exploring the vast lands and going off the beaten road is the best way to find new areas, enemy camps, and quests, all of which have a lot of resources and materials. The parts of the map that haven’t been explored yet will be blacked out, and Bayek should go find them as soon as possible.

If players only do the main storyline tasks and nothing else, most of the world map won’t be seen. This means that players won’t be able to access a lot of content and resources that could help Bayek keep the best gear and do other things.

Senu Is The Best Way To Uncover Resources

Senu, Bayek’s trusted eagle and friend, is very helpful when looking for new places and quests on the map. She can mark enemies, dangerous animals, enemy camps, and interesting places on the map for Bayek to hunt and explore.

Senu can find enemies who are carrying coins and loot, bother them, and keep them busy while Bayek kills them one by one and loots their bodies. She can also find hidden passages and camps of the enemy. She can also tell how many treasures there are in a fortress and where they are.

Using Senu

Press the Up button on the D-Pad to use Senu on the pitch. Bayek will now see the world through Senu’s eyes. Hold the L2 button to make Senu slow down and hover. This will help the eagle find new things on the pitch more quickly.

Look For Hidden Passageways

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, hidden passages let Bayek explore underground caves and temples and even show him how to get inside the Great Pyramids of Giza. There will always be useful items to find and resources to steal.

Most of the time, the artefacts are tied to the story and give Bayek skill points that he can use to learn new skills. Press the Up button on the D-pad to use Senu and look for icons that look like an archway with stairs to find a secret passageway. This will help Bayak find secret entrances to buildings and places that seem impossible to get into.

Animus Pulse

Animus Pulse is the best way for Bayek to find secret resources, whether he is taking out an enemy camp or exploring Pyramids and buildings. If you use it, it will briefly show you where items and resources are near Bayek.

Hold the Up button on the D-pad to turn on Animus Pulse.This will make a small electrical pulse, which will open pots, treasure boxes, and bodies so Bayek can steal things from them. The small arrows that flicker will show Bayek where he can find money, resources, the best weapons, and other things.

Complete Side Quests

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, one of the best ways to get loot and prizes is to finish side quests. Some side tasks are bigger than others, but Bayek will usually have to find and investigate hidden caves, landmarks, and enemy camps.

Bayek will often get resources, leather, materials, weapons, and the best armour for finishing these quests. Ubisoft is often criticised for filling its worlds with useless side content, but Assassin’s Creed: Origins has a number of quests that add to the world and have fun and interesting puzzles to solve.

Loot Defeated Enemies

Whether Bayek is out in the field or attacking an enemy camp, he will run into bandits and enemy forces. There will be a lot of enemies with weapons, expensive items, or cash. Most will attack when they see you, but Bayek can use Senu to mark them and attack them without being seen. This makes it easier to deal with big groups.

No matter what method is chosen, Penalty Kick Online players should always take the time to pick up anything they drop. The benefits can be different, but every little bit helps. Whether it’s a small amount of money or a weapon that needs to be levelled up, everything in Assassin’s Creed: Origins can be used in some way.The types of weapons are Cedarwood and Bronze.

Take Down Enemy Forts

All over Egypt, there are enemy camps that Bayek can raid. The level and size of the fortress will change how hard they are. Again, the key to success is to use Senu’s tagging skills before attacking a camp.

Senu can tell how many leaders, captains, and treasures there are to find. One to three arrowheads show how hard it is to get into a territory. Bayek has to work harder to get three arrowheads, but he gets better rewards when he steals from soldiers, leaders, and captains. Or chests that can be used or broken down and may hold more valuable items like Carbon Crystals and higher-level weapons in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Hunting Animals

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the best way to get different kinds of leather is to go hunting.The best way to get the most useful and expensive materials made from animals is to hunt them in their lair. In different parts of Egypt, high-leveled animals like lions, alligators, hippos, and others lead animal dens.

The best hides come from creatures with high levels. But they are generally surrounded by animals that are not friendly and will attack Bayek. Bayek will get even more furs and leathers for upgrades if he beats them. It is better to use Senu to mark the animals and then shoot them in the head to kill them. This is the best way for Bayek to get the best resources without hurting them.

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